Thank you for viewing the History Vision & Purpose of Messianic Judaism Videos here on our site.  For membership please answer the questions in this form based on your recollection of the series you just viewed (Give yourself 15-20 minutes).
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Online Video Lesson 1- 1. What is the purpose of having a Messianic Synagogue?

2. How did the Jewish believers in the first century congregate?

3. How should Messianic believers interact with leadership of the synagogue?

4. What is the Biblical way Messianic believers should financially support the local synagogue?

Lesson 2 -  1.What is “Salvation”?

2. What are we saved from?

3. What are we saved into?

4. How do we “get saved”?

5. What is Chesed?

6. What is “Grace”?

Lesson 3- 1. How should a Messianic Jew live?

2. Who and What is the center of the Messianic Jewish lifestyle?

3. How should a Messianic believer pray?

4. What is “holiness”, what does it mean to be “holy”?

Lesson 4 1.What does the Bible say about regularly attending services?

2. Why should a believer be in regular fellowship?

3. What four spiritual principles did the first disciples continue faithfully following in the second chapter of Acts?

4. What does the Bible say about how we should relate to our spiritual leaders?

5. What does Lesson 4 teach about the spiritual principle of the “tithe”?

Lesson 5 1. How and when did the Messianic Jewish movement begin?

2. What is replacement theology and should it be accepted in Messianic theology, why?

3. How do Messianic believers relate to the “Torah – Law of Moses”?

4. What is the criteria for someone to be considered “Jewish” in the Messianic movement and in the modern State of Israel today?

5. What are the different branches of Judaism and what are their differences?

Lesson 6 Questions: 1.      What are the Biblical requirements for non-Jews living among and worshipping with Jews in a Messianic Jewish community?

2.      Were non-Jews required to be circumcised as live as Jews by the Apostles?

3.      What is the “Heart of Ruth”?

4.      Are all non-Jewish Christians called to live and worship as Messianic Jews do, why?

5.      What is the “One New Man” and what Scripture describes it?

6.      What is replacement theology and should it be supported, why or why not?

7.      Whether you are Jewish or not, why do you feel called to make Tikvat Yisrael your home congregation/community?

8.      What are the 3 “T’s” and are you able to commit to these Biblical principles?

Mazel Tov! (congratulations), you have completed the HVP Class and Quiz!  Now, kindly submit your answers to us at Tikvat Yisrael.  An Elder will contact you for a brief interview to confirm your intentions to join the congregation at Tikvat Yisrael.  If you are deciding to join the congregation, don’t forget to also complete your Membership Application on the media page of our site.  We look forward to having you become a part of the “Mishpocha” (family).  Board of Elders.

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