Welcome. This form is for those with questions about Intermarried relationships and it's designed to be "interactive".  We want to be a resource for you, and discover if Messianic Judaism is the right fit for you or those you love. PLEASE BEGIN ANSWERING A FEW QUESTIONS THEN YOU MAY SUBMIT YOURS TO US AND WE WILL RESPOND BACK TO YOU...
What was most significant to you about the video "Joined Together"? *

Are you personally involved in an "Interfaith" (Jewish/non-Jewish) relationship? *

Either you, yourself are Jewish and your partner is not, or vice versa.
If not, is someone you know involved in an Interfaith relationship that you know? explain... *

How important is cultural identity to you personally? *

How important do you think cultural identity is for your partner or for someone else you're concerned for? *

How important is your relationship with God in your personal life? *

How important is God in your partner's life or for the one you care for? *

What concerns or questions do you have about the issue of Interfaith relationships? *

What is your name? *

Would you be interested in discussion groups, seminars or classes on the subject of Interfaith relationships? *

If you would like to be notified of upcoming events and classes, add your address to our mail list:

Would you like to discuss this topic more with us over the phone or schedule an appointment with our staff? *

If yes, please provide your phone #:

Any final thoughts or concerns?  explain:

THANK YOU!  We appreciate your visit to our site and we hope that we can be a valuable resource to you and your family.  You are always welcome to visit this page again and resubmit on this form, or call us at Tikvat's office: 216-297-9929.

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